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Virtual CISO

Our Virtual CISO is our highest-touch, premium service. As an extension of your team, we become the Chief Information Security Officer you can rely on for cybersecurity clarity, planning, and oversight -- without the stress or cost of an in-house employee.

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virtual ciso benefits

Flexible service to match your needs

Whether you already have a CISO who just needs support, or you solely rely on an IT team, we plug in as needed.

Based on the composition of your team and your overall goals as a business, the relationship between our team and yours is designed to augment and complement your existing capabilities.

What does a CISO engagement look like?

The journey to optimized leadership


Basic policies. Some procedures. Many lacking elements.


Assigned roles and responsibilities without a defined plan.


Defined cybersecurity plan to address security and compliance. Defined policies and procedures.


Risk-based cyber program. Ongoing validation. Regular communications and metrics.


Continual program improvement. Experienced resources tracking cyber landscape.

Lean on an experienced, dedicated partner

Security is an ongoing process and not a one-time project

The ongoing nature of our relationship with you provides an executable roadmap that integrates security into your core business operations. You save time and money on things like compliance readiness, where vague compliance requirements are clearly interpreted, prioritizing your efforts, closing compliance gaps, and documenting that evidence.

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Improve security practices across your enterprise

Comprehensive cybersecurity relies on people and processes

Oftentimes, your employees are the first line-of-defense against threats like phishing, unauthorized physical access, or unauthorized information disclosure.

We help train your employees to be aware of security threats and design policies that hold everyone accountable.


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