Test your cybersecurity like you're a hacker

Penetration testing

We employ manual, ethical hacking methods to put your defenses to the test. Then you receive a solid game plan to thwart even the most creative of adversaries.

A shield and magnifying glass icon
A shield and magnifying glass icon

Penetration testing benefits

Ensure all of your systems are covered

Malicious actors don’t stop their search for vulnerabilities at a certain number of systems, and neither should you. With penetration testing, we simulate the same approach a hacker would use to gain access across your infrastructure.

External Network

Discover your exploitable weaknesses accessible to an internet-based hacker.

Internal Network

Identify your exploitable weaknesses accessible to attackers inside your perimeter.

Wireless Network

Recognize wireless network and wireless-connected device exploitation.


Test your security awareness posture with spear phishing attack simulations.

Web Applications

Explore exploitable weaknesses in your custom-developed web applications.

Mobile Apps

Understand exploitable weaknesses in your mobile apps and back-end API.

Validate that you’re protected

You receive step-by-step remediation instructions to address your risks, along with a detailed report. And you’ll stay risk free with a 60-day validation follow-up.  Rest assured – you’re protected.

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Attack surface evaluation is not one and done

Many companies offering penetration testing stop once they’ve found a way to bypass your protections. This is not the case with Go Security Pro.

If we are able to compromise your systems, we document it, reset to square one, and start again.


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