Nolacon 2024: Get Your C-Suite Onboard

Carrie Randolph, Senior Security Consultant of Go Security Pro, will be speaking at Nolacon 2024 on May 18th at 1pm. Her talk is titled Get Your C-Suite Onboard: Leveraging Compliance & Incidents to Enhance Your Cybersecurity Program.

In this talk, Carrie will detail how to leverage compliance requirements and incidents to get your C-Suite onboard with enhancing your cybersecurity program. IT Directors, CIOs, and CISOs often encounter difficulties with conveying the importance of cybersecurity enhancements. Between explaining ROIs, customer journey mapping, estimations on security/productivity/efficiency tradeoffs, it can be difficult to articulate justification for change. Using FTC Safeguards as a working example, Carrie will provide steps that you can take to create a thorough Cybersecurity Program that is robust, modern, protects the organization, and provides oversight and due diligence to the responsibility of safeguarding regulated and private data.

About the Author

Carrie Randolph is a Senior Security Consultant, leading the GRC practices of Go Security Pro with twelve years of experience. Prior to joining Go Security Pro, Carrie was the CIO for the Oklahoma State Department of Education.

Carrie has her Bachelors of Technology from Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology in Information Assurance and Digital Forensics, and she is a co-founder of BSides Oklahoma and a founding member of Techlahoma. Carrie holds a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification.